Covid-19 Guideline

New Line Catering will continue to serve Lunch & Snack to our students, uninterrupted & seamlessly, for the 2020-2021 school year. We will be following the new guidelines set forth by the NJ Department of Health – Food Preparation and Service.

We have put in place and will be implementing the following guidelines and protocols,

1. All employees will wear, FDA APPROVED face masks and gloves.

2. Wellness/symptom checks, including temperature checks for all staff and personnel, will be performed as they arrive on-premises and before the opening of the kitchen.

3. The service area will be frequently sanitized.

4. The food-contact surfaces, food preparation surfaces, and beverage equipment will be washed, rinsed, and sanitized, after use.


Meals will be served in the cafeteria for students in grade 5-12 and in the classrooms for students in grade Pre K-4.

Meals in the Cafeteria Procedures:

1) Provide physical guides to ensure that our students remain six feet apart while standing on serving line with cafeteria floor marked.

2) All food is covered and/or is set behind acrylic sneeze guards.

3) Disposable utensils and plates will be used.

Meals in the Classroom Procedures:

1) PreK-4 students’ meals will be delivered to their classroom in a To-Go fashion.

2) Disposable utensils and plates will be used.